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May 30, 2014

The World’s Most Romantic Vacation Destinations

Whether you’re looking for a place to rekindle the spark in your relationship or hoping to find your dream honeymoon spot, the world is full of beautiful destinations that are ideal for loved up couples. We’ve picked a few of our favorite romantic spots to help you narrow things down.

Paris, France

For cosmopolitan couples hoping to take a cultural city break for their romantic getaway, Paris is the most obvious destination of choice. You and your partner can visit the world famous Louvre to get your cultural fix, stroll through the Palais-Royal gardens for some quiet time to yourselves and ride the elevators all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower for the ultimate [...]

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May 19, 2014

Improve Your Sleep Without Pills

Sleep is a major problem for plenty of people these days, with financial problems and general stress leaving many of us tossing and turning well into the early hours of the morning. If you’ve suffered with insomnia for years, it may feel like medication is the only solution to your problem. Sadly, medication can worsen insomnia in the long run and come with a variety of unpleasant side effects that you may want to avoid. Here are some simple ways to improve the quality of your sleep without resorting to pills.

Get into a routine. Developing a soothing bedtime routine works as well on adults as it does on children. Allowing your body and mind to wind down will help make the [...]
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May 14, 2014

Fighting Off The Flu

Despite all of the festive cheer and fun that comes with the holiday season, winter can be a miserable time for some people. If you’re unlucky enough to catch a proper winter cold or, even worse, the full-blown flu, you’re probably feeling far from festive. Get yourself back on the road to health as quickly as possible with these flu-busting tips.

Stay In Bed

Tempting as it may be to battle on and try to live life as normal while you’re sick, you could end up lengthening the duration of the illness by showing up to work as usual. Most employers would rather have an employee stay home and get back on their feet than come in and infect the whole office, so take the opportunity [...]

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