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Fixing Up Your Messy Home

Fixing Up Your Messy Home

by Must ReadsApril 25, 2014

Those of us with kids will be all too familiar with the site of a messy home. If you have children running around, dinner to cook and a job to keep on top of, tidying up may not feel like a major priority. While a little disorder isn’t likely to hurt anyone, mess can become overwhelming. As things start to pile up you can start to feel stressed out, anxious and disorganized. Overcome your clutter with these mess-busting tips.

Assign Chores

If your kids are old enough to pitch in, delegate the cleaning responsibilities by designating specific chores. This is a great way to get things in order while teaching your kids a lesson about tidying up and helping out. The jobs should be fairly simple and not too overwhelming- ask smaller children to simply put their toys back where they belong, while bigger kids and tidy their rooms. Make sure you set chores at a time when everyone is well fed, rested and happy or you could have more chaos on your hands.

Start Early

Nobody feels like cleaning their home after a long, hard day of chasing kids or slaving away at the office. Get things kick started earlier in the day instead when your motivation is still high. If you don’t have time before work to de-clutter then set aside a couple of hours on a weekend morning to power through the mess.

Clean Out The Trash

Before you can even consider making your home look presentable, you need to clear away all of the trash, loose laundry and random items that are cluttering your space. Grab a trash bag and a laundry basket and go from room to room picking up everything that shouldn’t be there. You can then throw out the garbage and sort through the items that need to be placed in their real homes. Your space should instantly feel cleaner, giving you a more relaxed mindset to face making the beds and vacuuming.

Get Some Space

If you have small children that tend to get under your feet or demand attention the moment you decide to do something productive, try to find alone time so you have the space to work through the mess. Ask a family member or babysitter to watch over your kids for a few hours and make sure you use the time wisely.

Invest In Storage Solutions

The easiest way to keep your space free from clutter is by storing things where they belong. This can be easier said than done if your home doesn’t have a ton of storage spaces. This is where storage solutions come in handy- they provide you with a neat and organized system to manage your belongings. These boxes and shelving units are often inexpensive, so buy a set and start putting things away as often as possible.

Ask For Help

Some of us genuinely don’t have the time or energy to deal with an untidy house, especially if things have truly spun out of control. Don’t be afraid to call for reinforcements if things feel too overwhelming. Ask an organized friend to come help out for the day in return for some freshly baked cookies and a glass of wine, or call in a professional cleaner to give you a hand for the time being. There’s no shame in needing a little extra help from time to time.

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