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How To Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

How To Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

by Must ReadsJanuary 26, 2014

Not all of us are blessed with wide open spaces in our homes. If you’re on a tight budget or living with a large family, you may have limited space to work with when it comes to interior design. Rest assured, even a tiny apartment can still look great and feel spacious with a few simple design tricks.

Let The Light In

The first rule of space is all about light. If you have windows in your room then make sure that you are keeping the curtains or blinds open as often as possible to let sunlight stream in. Paint your walls a light, neutral shade to create an airy feel to the space, and keep your flooring pale. While dark shades may be useful when it comes to creating a warm, cozy atmosphere, they’ll make your space feel smaller rather than opening up the room.

Keep Lamps Separate

Lighting that projects downward from the ceiling tends to focus the light in one small pool in your space, which can draw the eye inward and emphasize a smaller room. To create the illusion of more space, spread separate lamps around the room on varying surface levels to draw the eye outward and add height.

Create Cohesive Shades         

Visual unity is a major factor in the design aesthetic of any space, and a more cohesive look will automatically make the space feel more open and clean. While you don’t have to go overboard on a matchy-matchy design, using different shades of the same color will create a beautiful visual impact.

Decorate With Mirrors

The old trick of opening up a space with the addition of mirrors on the wall is pretty well known by now, but it really does work. It’s easy to find interesting and unique mirrors and flea markets and thrift stores- just places them in staged locations around your room and watch how the space instantly feels larger. For the ultimate lighting affect, place one of your mirrors directly across from your window so that the light can reflect out across the room.

Eliminate Clutter

Not only will excess clutter make your home look messy and unkempt, it also takes away from your space and makes your room look smaller than it is. If you tend to be a clutter person, try to make a habit of tidying up and putting things away in storage spaces as frequently as possible. Once you get used to keeping the space clear it will begin to feel more like second nature. Investing in useful storage solution units can be a great way of keeping your home de-cluttered, especially if you don’t have a ton of built in storage space.

Look For Statement Pieces

Many people mistakenly believe that a small room needs small furniture and décor to keep things looking neat. This isn’t the case; a larger statement piece like a cool couch or chunky coffee table will draw the eye to that particular furniture and create a clear, uncluttered look.

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