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Travelling On A Budget

Travelling On A Budget

by Must ReadsSeptember 5, 2014

Going on vacation can seem like an impossible dream if you’re on a tight budget. Many of us enter the new year hoping to reduce our household expenses and save some extra cash, cutting out luxuries like vacations along the way. Although

it may seem like an extravagance, a family vacation is a crucial event in your year- it gives you and your loved ones the chance to get away from everyday stresses and bond as a family. Instead of eliminating your vacation altogether, follow these simple tips to budgeting your getaway.

Time Wisely

The month that you choose to take your vacation can make a major difference in terms of costs. Depending on where you’re planning to visit, airfares can vary drastically between seasons, with warmer months and school vacation times bumping up the prices by a considerable sum.

When checking airfares and hotel room rates, try out a range of different dates to get a sense for when the prices fall. If you can get away from work during a less popular season, take advantage of the lower costs and beat the crowds by booking off-season.

Eat Cheap

Whether you’re travelling alone with your partner or with a hoard of kids in toe, eating out while on vacation can seriously set you back. Changing the way you eat while you’re away can make a major difference when it comes to your budget.

While it may be tempting to head out to plenty of restaurants to savour the local cuisine in a foreign country, you’ll get much further with the money you have if you try to source out quick and easy foods from local grocery stores that can be munched on park benches and enjoyed in your hotel room. Allow yourself a few special meals out and stick to sandwiches and snacks for the rest of the trip. Depending on the airline rules and where you’re travelling to, you may also be able to bring along your own snacks to keep you fuelled while you explore.

Find Free Activities

Plenty of the world’s popular tourist destinations have family-friendly activities and events that are completely free of charge. For example, several of London’s most famous museums offer free entry, while many of Rome’s ruins can be viewed without paying a cent. Check your guide books before you fly and make a list of all of the activities that won’t break your budget.

Plan A Staycation               

If your budget really doesn’t allow for a trip this year, create your own staycation instead! A vacation taken from the comfort of your own home will still give you a chance to rest and relax while enjoying the company of your family, without having to spend an extra penny.

Fill your staycation week with campouts in the backyard, family board games and crafting sessions in the living room and plenty of outdoor time to run around and let loose. To top it all off, order in some pizzas and enjoy a relaxing family movie night. What better way to enjoy a vacation than with the ones you love in the comfort of your own home?

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