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Workouts For People Who Hate The Gym

Workouts For People Who Hate The Gym

by Must ReadsAugust 17, 2014

Gyms can be scary places. They tend to be packed full of fitness fanatics with strong arms and toned legs, and can be pretty intimidating for mere mortals who are just jumping on the exercise bandwagon. Luckily, there are plenty of fun ways to get in shape without ever setting foot on a treadmill. Try out some of these gym-free workouts to tone up without joining up.

Go For A Swim

Swimming offers a full body workout that is gentle on the joints, making it ideal for those that struggle with traditional exercise programs. Because your body is supported by the water, swimming allows you to get your heart rate up without straining your muscles or joints to excess. Anyone can benefit from this gentle but effective exercise, so it’s perfect for people just beginning to get fit as well as those who already exercise frequently.

Stretch Out With Yoga

Yoga classes are available all around the world these days, and many people have found that this spiritual practice can have a profound impact on their physical health as well as their emotional wellbeing. Yoga stretches your body, improving your flexibility while boosting your core strength. First classes are often free of charge, so find a local beginner’s class and give it a try.

Shake It Off

Dance classes are the perfect way to work out without ever feeling like you’re exercising at all. Let go of your inhibitions and dance the extra weight off- it’s also a great way to make new friends and shake off all of the stress of the day. There are plenty of different varieties of dance classes out there, so find a style that suits your personal taste and get moving!

Hit The Sidewalk

Aside from being one of the best cardio workouts there is, running is completely free, making it a budget-friendly options for those who are serious about getting in shape. Once you’ve invested in a good pair of comfortable running sneakers you can get outside anytime and jog. Start off slow with a combination of walking and jogging before working your way up to a steady run. You can also get pedometer and run-tracking apps for your phone that will help you track your progress.

Get Fit At Home

If you’re stuck in the house with the kids or just prefer to exercise indoors, why not try following some workouts online or on DVD? You’ll find tons of exercise videos online that you can follow for free, with workout styles to suit every individual taste. You can also do yoga from home for free- just buy yourself a yoga mat and stretch your way to fitness every morning from the comfort of your own living room.

Get Walking

If you’re struggling to get fitter or want to start off slow and steady, simple taking regular walks can do wonders for your health. Walking can also help relax you after a hard day and will clear your mind when you’re feeling stressed. If all else fails, put on some comfortable shoes and head out for a walk.


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